Which towns visit in Costa Brava - 2022 - Visit Costa Brava
Main destinations in Costa Brava

Towns in Costa Brava

Here you will find the towns that follow all the coast of Girona province, Costa Brava; and also the capital, Girona city. 

All the coastal towns have in common that the main economic engine during lots of years was fishing and that's why the most towns (if not all) have a big fishing port. In spite of that, in the last years the tourism has become the main economic engine of the area and every town has had to adapt to XXIth century building big and impressive sports port, to the people who comes here to practise active tourism and sports of all kinds or either remodel its promenades ideal to drink something under the sun in its many bars and restaurants.

In addition, not only the town centre it is important, also its surroundings. All of them are surrounded by marvelous natural landscapes like coves, beaches, forests, etc. where lose ourselves in its depths. Do not underestimate the cultural offer, also very important, although in this case the visit par excellence is the historical city centre of the capital, Girona city. You will find all here!

Every town has its particularities and its own charm and that's because you can't lose any of them. With Visita Costa Brava you can visit all the towns, its surroundings and all the characteristics and services that gather to enjoy a great day in Costa Brava.


The entrance door to the Costa Brava


The confluence between Costa Brava and Pyrenees